Programmable 12V WS2818 5050 RGB Led Strip Light


1. Smart control IC WS2818 included, One IC control 3LEDs, supporting numerous color-change effects.

2. WS2818 pixel has two data lines, any pixel failure wont affect signal transfer, unless two consecutive adjacent pixels are failure.  

3. White PCB and black PCB optional.

4. It comes in 5 meters per reel with 3Pin female/male JST SM connector on both end and separated Power / Ground Wires. Customized length is workable .

5. Flexible PCB material . Each LED/Pixel can be cut , there is cut lines every 50mm.

6. 60LEDs/20 pixels/M .12V low voltage inputted , don’t over 13V , otherwise you will destroy the entire strip.

7.10mm width PCB , 0.25mm thickness with 3M tape back side for non-weatherproof version. 12.5mm width, 4mm thickness with silicon tube for waterproof version.



Digital led pixel light